That pilot is king of a country

That pilot is king of a country

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Willem Alexander is a king not a pilot

The Heg: He is the king of a country. But he was co-piloted for 21 years as a part-time employee. This issue is not known to many people in that country. Eventually, Raja himself revealed his job secret in a special interview given to The Telegraph on Wednesday. The Dutch king Willem Alexander said that he was willing to run the plane so that people could safely share their destinations. The country's head of the 70 lak million population. Pilot-licensed Alexander traveled two days for KLM Passenger aircraft, and a few months later, as a co-pilot for the Martinique Airlines fleet. Passengers in pilot costumes are not originally identifiable, and that someone may have acknowledged his voice when traveling statements. It has revealed that it does not interfere with the maintenance of its functions. He also said that they were not allowed to identify themselves with the passengers in the cockpit of flights after 9/11. The co-pilot was announced to step out of job duties.

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