3 KM radius of INS Rajali declared as 'No Fly Zone'

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3 KM radius of INS Rajali declared as 'No Fly Zone'

Chennai, July 10 (IANS) The Ministry of Defence has declared the area falling under the three kilometre radius from the perimeter of the naval air station INS Rajali, Arakkonam, as 'No Fly Zone'.

Individuals and civil agencies are prohibited from flying any non-conventional aerial objects -- drones, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) within these zones without any prior permission.

Operators of these flying objects within the 'No Fly Zone' will be charged under the provisions of the Indian Penal Code.

"INS Rajali will destroy or confiscate any non-conventional aerial object including drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) found flying without proper approval," a statement said.

According to the statement, approval for utilisation of drones by any operator or civil/government agency is governed by guidelines issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

"Further, approval from the Director General Civil Aviation (DGCA) is to be obtained through Digi Sky Website, and a copy of the approval letter is to be submitted to Headquarters Eastern Naval Command/ (Command Security Officer) and INS Rajali at least a week before any scheduled flying operation," the statement said.