Vitamin D deficiencies, foods to reduce the deficiency

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Vitamin D deficiencies, foods to reduce the deficiency

Plenty of nutrients including vitamins and minerals should be taken to be healthy. Vitamins are very important for our body especially vitamin D has many health benefits. Vitamin D also comes from sunlight. When the body is deficient in vitamins and minerals, it has to deal with health problems. Vitamin D makes bones stronger, reduces stress and boosts immunity.

Along with intake of Vitamin-D rich foods, it is said that one should stay in the sun for a while every day to reduce the vitamin D deficiency in the body. Vitamin D helps in regulating the absorption of calcium and phosphorus in the body. It fights many diseases, reduces bone and dental problems.

In addition, several recent studies have shown that vitamin D can also reduce weight. People with vitamin D deficiency are more likely to be tired and weak in the winter.  Vitamin D deficiency can also cause rickets. It mostly affects the bones of children. Vitamin D helps in the absorption of calcium and phosphorus. It strengthens the bones.

Salmon, Herring, sardines, Cod liver oil, Canned tuna, Egg yolks, Mushrooms and Fortified foods are some of the vitamin-D foods.