Won't allow Sri Lankan to be used as base for any threat against India: President

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Colombo, June 27 (IANS) Sri Lankan President Ranil Wickremesinghe reiterated that there was no military agreement with China and that he would not allow the island nation to be used as a base for any threat against India.

“We are a neutral country, but we also emphasise on the fact that we cannot allow Sri Lanka to be used as a base for any threat against India," President Wickremsinghe said in an interview with French media. 

When inquired about China’s presence in Sri Lanka, especially militarily, Wickremsinghe responded “We have no military agreement with China; there won't be any military agreements, and I do not think China will enter into one,” 

The President went on to say that the Chinese have been there for about 1,500 years and so far there has been no military base. 

He said that there were speculations about the China-run Hambantota harbour which he admitted that it "has been given out to China Merchants, but its security is controlled by the Sri Lankan government". 

"The Southern Naval Command will be shifted to Hambantota,” he reassured. 

“There has certainly been no issue of military use by the Chinese. The same company also runs a terminal in Colombo harbour, in the South Port. That’s where all the warships come from all the countries. 

"No one is complaining about the terminal in Colombo, but they are only complaining about the Hambantota Port,” he added.

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