Dalits forced into consuming sacrificial buffalo meat

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Yadgir (Karnataka), Dec 16 (IANS) The State Dalit Sangharsha Samithi (Krantikari unit) here has filed a complaint with district and police authorities, urging them to stop the tradition of forcing Dalits to eat the meat of buffaloes sacrificed to the gods.

Mallikarjuna Kranthi, the State General Secretary, filed the complaint with the District Commissioner and the Superintendent of Police of Yadgir district on Saturday.

He stated that many buffaloes would be sacrificed to the gods at the religious fair in Devikera village, Surapura taluk.

Dalits are compelled to consume the meat of the sacrificed buffaloes, or face boycott from the village.

The Devikera religious fair is scheduled for two days from December 18, where buffaloes will be sacrificed to goddesses Dyamamma and Palkamma.

Mallikarjuna Kranthi explained that if Dalits refuse to eat the meat of more than 10 sacrificed buffaloes, they will be prohibited from entering the village.

Buffalo sacrifice is widely practiced in the surrounding villages, including Devirakera, and Kranthi has urged the district administration to intervene and put an end to this superstition.

Public announcements are made about the buffalo sacrifice, and money is collected from people in Devirakera village.

He alleged that people are warned not to make any statements regarding funds and buffalo sacrifice.

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