Adani Electricity notched high-powered show in 2023; energises for 2024

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Mumbai, Jan6 (IANS) The Adani Electricity Mumbai Ltd (AEML) recorded a high-voltage performance in 2023 and is looking forward to an energetic show even in 2024, officials said here on Saturday.

AEML supplies nearly 2000 MW power daily to over three million consumers spread across 400 square kms in Mumbai and suburbs with 99 per cent reliability, ranking among the highest in the country.

Without a shudder, the AEML catered to a bumper peak demand for power on June 9 - supplying 2,160 MW on a single day to electrify the city that never sleeps.

The year 2023 saw AEML bringing in the watts, with a whopping 100,000 new connections, and 4,500 customers switching sides to give themselves a surge of happiness.

Nearly 88 per cent of AEML's customers opted for digital forms of payments, with cash officially becoming a dinosaur, and nobody's complaining.

Over 300,000 customers dumped paper bills, which has saved enough trees to – ironically - write a novel about saving trees.

The company's record on the ecological front made many others turn green with envy - AEML supplied 38 per cent 'green' energy to Mumbai from renewable solar power and is hoping to achieve a target of 60 percent by 2027, to further reduce the carbon footprints of the city.

As many as 2,532 ‘green customers’ joined the effort proving that sustainability is the new mantra for AEML.

Diwali 2023 saw Mumbai dodging a staggering 9.84 million kg CO2 - equivalent to saving lungs of a million Pandas from getting clogged in all the revelry of the festival of lights and fireworks.

For the first time, around three million homes and establishments comprising 12 million Mumbaikars, got a Diwali gift of sorts when AEML powered them with 1,200 MW of 'clean' energy from renewable sources for four hours on a Sunday -- 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Going on solar power steroids with 270 rooftop solar installations, Mumbai took to harvesting the sun in a big way - akin to covering 45 football fields with sunshine - enough to tan the giant Tyrannosaurus-Rex.

The AEML has planted 452,892 trees, sufficient to build a forest and recycled 404,561 tons of ash, enough to build a castle for Mother Earth.

The electricity major has a network of 74,243 power pillars and 24,732 kms of cables, or wrapping the Earth in electricity one-and-half times.

On the CSR front, AEML touched the lives of 3,563 people, educated 237 women and engaged millions online, thus bringing thousands of watts of smiles and radiating joy.

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