Israel's Foreign Minister calls for resignation of UNRWA Chief

International |  IANS  | Published :

Tel Aviv, May 15 (IANS) Israel Foreign Minister Katz has called for the resignation of the Commissioner General of UNRWA Philip Lazzarini following the presence of Hamas members at the UN agency in Gaza.

The Israel Foreign Minister said that while Philip Lazzarini is denying the presence of Hamas members at the UNRWA compound however there is clear proof that the militant outfit was using UNRWA premises and its vehicles.

“There is proof of Hamas members firing at civilians within a UNRWA facility next to UN vehicles in Rafah. No lie from Antonio Gutteres and Philip Lazzarini will hide the truth: UNRWA is an arm of Hamas,” Katz said.

On Tuesday, the Israel Defense Force (IDF) said that during an operation in the eastern Rafah region, Hamas members were identified in the UNRWA compound.

This compound, according to the IDF, is a central point for the distribution of aid and is a logistics distribution centre.

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