Issues with China & Pakistan need to be resolved: S. Jaishankar after assuming office

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New Delhi, June 11 (IANS) External Affairs Minister (EAM) S. Jaishankar on Tuesday said that China and Pakistan are two distinct countries and India is committed to resolve the issues with both countries.


“Pakistan and China are different countries with distinct relationships and issues. Our focus regarding China will be on finding a solution for the border issues,” EAM Jaishankar said after assuming office at the Ministry of External Affairs for the second time.

On Pakistan, the EAM said that there is a need to resolve the persistent issue of cross-border terrorism.

“Cross-border terror is not a policy of good neighbours. With Pakistan, we aim to resolve this issue,” the EAM said

On resuming his role for the second time, he said, “I am fully confident that under PM Modi's leadership, the foreign policy of Modi 3.0 will be very successful.”

EAM Jaishankar emphasised India's commitment to presenting its views confidently on the global stage and contributing proactively to international affairs.

Highlighting India's growing influence on the global stage, EAM Jaishankar said: “For us, the influence of India has been steadily growing, not just in terms of our perception but also in terms of what other countries think. They feel that India is truly their friend, and they have seen that in times of crisis, if there is one country that stands with the Global South, it is India.”

He pointed to India's successful advocacy for the African Union's membership during its G20 presidency as a testament to the world's trust in India.

“The world trusted us and our responsibilities are also increasing. Under the leadership of PM Modi, India's identity in the world will continue to grow,” the EAM added.

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