Mumbai T20: Arjun Tendulkar picked for Rs 5 lakh

Sports | Written by : IANS| Updated: Sat, May 04, 2019, 11:47 PM

Mumbai T20: Arjun Tendulkar picked for Rs 5 lakh

Mumbai  :  Sachin Tendulkar's son -- Arjun Tendulkar -- was picked for Rs 5 lakh by Aakash Tigers Mumbai Western Suburb, a franchise of the T20 Mumbai League, here on Saturday.

The 19-year-old budding left-arm pacer triggered a bidding war at the auction for the second season of the league. Arjun had a base price of Rs 1 lakh. Several teams tried to pick Arjun and the bid swiftly went to Rs 5 lakh quoted by North Mumbai Panthers. 

Later, Charu Sharma, conducting the auction, gave the two new teams -- Aakash Tigers Mumbai Western Suburb and Eagle Thane Strikers the option to exercise the opportunity to match (OTM).

Both the teams decided to exercise their OTMs at Rs 5 lakh. Thus, two cards were placed in a bag and Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) ad hoc committee member Unmesh Khanvilkar picked a card that belonged to Aakash Tigers.

Sachin is the brand ambassador of the local league.