Huawei builds first-ever 5G network in Europe

International |  IANS  | Published : Wed, Jul 10, 2019, 10:43 PM

Paris, July 10 (IANS) Chinese tech giant Huawei has built next-generation 5G mobile phone network in Monaco, making the sovereign city-state in the French Rivera the first European country to be fully covered by 5G.

"5G world premiere: Monaco Telecom first full 5G country! Ultra-high-speed recorded at 1.4Gbps. 5G included in all mobile packages," Xavier Niel, the operator's owner wrote on a Twitter message late on Tuesday. 

Frederic Genta, Monaco interdepartmental delegate in-charge of the digital transition, hailed "a paradigm change" thanks to 5G mobile phone network based on technology from the Chinese firm Huawei, Xinhua news agency reported on Wednesday. 

"5G is the promise of a better quality of life for all and exceptional opportunities. It will allow to adapt life to our needs," he said. 

For Huawei Vice President Guo Ping, deploying the new network in Monaco is a major opportunity despite the small size of territory covered. 

"Monaco is a small territory... which allows us to make a shop window in a number of areas... and can serve as a model for other operators and states," Guo was quoted as saying by local media. 

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