Rahul Gandhi will return at the appropriate time: Antony

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Rahul Gandhi will return at the appropriate time: Antony

Thiruvananthapuram, Nov 8 (IANS) Rahul Gandhi will return to lead the Congress at the appropriate time, said Congress Working Committee member A.K. Antony on Friday.

Antony said this to the media at the state party headquarters.

"None of us have any feeling that Rahul is a leader who runs away. He will return to lead the Congress," said Antony and when asked, when would that be, he shot back, "at the appropriate time".

"At the moment, the party is being led by Sonia Gandhi and Rahul will come back strongly to take on the Narendra Modi led government which is going on the wrong track," added Antony a three time former Chief Minister and a former Union Minister.

Antony said that the Congress cannot be finished by putting its leaders in jail.

"Even the British failed to do that and like the Phoenix bird, the Congress party will come back and already that's visible, with our party workers morale on a high. Our former leaders like Nehru, Indira and Rajiv also had come under criticism, but today they are known as legends, likewise Sonia and Rahul also would be elevated to that status," added Antony.