Yogi govt to give Rs 1,000 to daily wagers

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Yogi govt to give Rs 1,000 to daily wagers

Lucknow, March 21 (IANS) Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Saturday announced that the state government will give Rs 1,000 to daily wagers as a help amid coronavirus scare.

He said: "There are 15 lakh daily wage laborers registered in the state, they will be given assistance of Rs 1,000. Also, 20.37 lakh labourers (rickshaw pullers, street vendors, hawkers, construction workers) will also get this financial aid. In addition to this, all registered labourers will be given maintenance allowance".

The Chief Minister has also announced the immediate payment to MNREGA workers. The assistance amount of Rs 1,000 will go directly to the accounts of beneficiaries.

He said: "The government will provide food grains to 1.65 crore families. The BPL families will get 20 kg of wheat, 15 kg of rice for free. The grains will be distributed through the PDS shops. However, the pension of April-May will be given in April only."

The Chief Minister appealed to people not to panic.

"Do not panic. We have enough food, so traders do not hoard. Do not rush, do not let infection happen, do not line up in shops, go for whatever is necessary," the Chief Minister said.

There will be no shortage of anything. People should avoid the tendency to accumulate unnecessary. You all need to cooperate, he added.

He appealed to the people not to go to the market unnecessarily during the 'Janata Curfew' on Sunday. Medicines and food grains are available in sufficient quantities.

During the curfew all metro services in Uttar Pradesh will be closed, he said.

The Chief Minister said that a total of 23 people have been found infected with the coronavirus in the state. Nine of these people have recovered from infection. The condition of the remaining 14 is also significantly improved. We have a sufficient number of isolation wards in the state. We are also gradually increasing its number. The government is making a lot of efforts. The government is with the public at every step to deal with the COVID-19.