Delhi Govt launches awareness campaign on earthquakes

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Delhi Govt launches awareness campaign on earthquakes

New Delhi, July 29 (IANS) The Delhi government has launched an awareness campaign on the steps to be taken by the people during and after an earthquake. The campaign has been launched considering the increased frequency of earthquakes in Delhi since April this year. It aims at making homes, offices, schools, and other commercial and residential spaces fully prepared to deal with earthquakes.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday said, "The last few weeks have taught us the importance of awareness, preparations, and timely action. That is why your government is announcing a new campaign to prepare the people of Delhi for the unlikely event of an earthquake."

Since April 2020, 18 very mild tremors have taken place in and around Delhi. Only two of these have registered above 4, or mild intensity, on the Richter Scale. The Delhi Government has compiled useful information that will prepare homes, schools, and workplaces in Delhi, to react to an earthquake emergency with calmness and efficiency.

The Do's and Dont's if an earthquake strikes are listed below.

What to do before an earthquake strikes:

1. Check the sturdiness of your home and workplace.

2. Consult a structural engineer if necessary and fix cracks and any weaknesses.

3. Check that all furniture in your home and office is securely fastened to the floor, walls, or ceiling. Take particular care that wheeled furniture or storage is locked in place when not being moved.

4. Scan all your important documents such as passport, ration card, Aadhaar card, prescriptions, medical records, etc and store copies online or in your email address.

5. Ensure all the members of your household, including children, and employees in your office are aware of the Disaster Management Helpline, Govt of NCT of Delhi: 1077. Save this number on your mobile phone, and display this number in a prominent place.

6. Teach yourself and others the Drop-Cover-Hold technique in case of tremors.

What to do after an earthquake:

1. Be alert, and prepare for aftershocks.

2. Stay away from windows, tall buildings, or other precarious structures.

3. Carefully check yourself and your family for injuries before moving. Be particularly careful when moving anyone with head or neck injuries. When in doubt stay put.

4. If in a multi-storeyed building always use stairs.

5. If you are trapped or isolated, try to conserve energy, and minimize the use of mobile phones and other devices that require battery power.

6. If you are trapped, instead of shouting, try to use objects around you to make noise safely.

Be prepared with emergency kits:

1. Torch

2. Power Bank and charging cables

3. Essential drugs

4. A small amount of cash

5. Photocopies of important identification documents

6. Information on blood group and any allergy

7. First aid kit

8. Bottle of water

If you are indoors:

1. Practice DROP-COVER-HOLD. DROP (bend) under a strong table or an elevated bed, COVER your head with one hand and HOLD furniture with the other.

2. Stay away from windows, bookcases, book shelves, heavy mirrors, hanging plants, fans and other heavy objects. Stay under cover till the shaking stops.

3. After the tremors subside, exit your home or school building and move to open fields.

4. Do not push others.

If you are outdoors:

1. Move to an open area, away from trees, signboards, buildings, electric wires, and poles.

If you are in a high-rise building:

1. Move away from the exterior wall immediately and protect your head. If you have a helmet, wear it.

2. Do not use the lift. Stay away from the windows.

If you are driving:

1. Move to the side of the road and stop

2. Move away from flyovers, power lines, and advertisement boards, jump out of the car and crouch on its side.

3. Do not sit inside the car.

If you are in a stadium, theatre, or auditorium:

1. Stay inside. Do not rush out towards the exit. Stay in your seat and cover your head with your arms and stay calm till the shaking is over. Then move out in an orderly manner.

2. Let younger children, elderly, and disabled people leave first.

3. Do not panic.

After the tremors subside:

1. Check for injuries and first treat yourself. Then help others.

2. Remain calm and self-assured and help others who are distressed.

3. Check for fire. Call the Fire Service (101) or Police Control Room (100) and Disaster helpline (1077).